Anti-Diarrhea Medicine

We know about diarrhea and what works in treating it. We have a range of IMODIUM® treatments, which can relieve diarrhea in just one hour. In this section, we look at how IMODIUM® works with your body to restore the natural rhythm of your digestive system and get you feeling back to normal. We also show you the different types of IMODIUM® solutions you can choose from to best treat your symptoms and to best suit your lifestyle. We share advice on ways you can help prevent diarrhea by not only treating each episode, but by looking after your overall digestive wellbeing. Finally, you can find out where to buy IMODIUM® so you can quickly recover and always have a pack handy when you need it. If your symptoms persist, speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

IMODIUM® Capsules are proven and trusted for stopping diarrhea.

IMODIUM® Instants dissolve instantly on your tongue, so they’re perfect for when you’re on the go.

How IMODIUM® works

It’s safe and it makes sense to treat acute diarrhea straight away, so as to avoid losing too many fluids and salts and to help your body recover more quickly. IMODIUM® contains Loperamide, which works in harmony with your body to help restore its natural rhythm and renew the absorption of essential fluids.

Take care of your gut

One way to help manage your overall digestive health is by looking after your gut flora, which provides a natural barrier that is important for digesting food, absorbing nutrients and defending your intestine.

Where to buy IMODIUM®

It’s easy to find IMODIUM® in pharmacies. You don’t need a prescription, so you can buy it over the counter.