In order to relieve the diarrhea condition, it is important to understand the different treatment options and how they work, to make sure you are choosing the right treatment for you.

Drug Treatment of Diarrhea

IMODIUM® Capsules is indicated for the symptomatic control of short-term diarrhea and chronic diarrhea (when lasts more than 4 weeks). Its main ingredient is Loperamide - which works to gently slow the digestive system into a normal rhythm. Your body can then absorb more fluids, with less fluid in the intestines and leading to normal stool consistency.

Probiotics. Some strains of so-called “friendly” or “good” bacteria can help to reduce severity and duration of acute diarrhea caused by “unfriendly” bacteria or viruses. A healthy person can maintain an optimum intestinal microflora by eating probiotics with food, for example, with dairy products or… with kiwis. Probiotics in drug form (tablets, capsules, drops) are indicated usually for treatment of acute diseases or during continuous complaints, they are not used as a rapid means for bowel disorders (diarrhea). The quantity of probiotics must be sufficient for them to have a positive effect on the body. Children can use this means for diarrhea after a doctor’s consultation.

Intestinal Adsorbents such as Activated Charcoal and suspensions that include Kaolin & Pectin are promoted for the treatment of diarrhoea based on their ability to bind and inactivate bacterial toxins or other substances that cause diarrhoea, and their claim to "protect" the intestinal mucosa. However, according to International Guidelines, there is inadequate proof of efficacy in the treatment of acute diarrhoea.  

Antibiotics. These are used as drugs for moderate to severe diarrhea caused by bacteria. The mechanism of their action is based on the destruction of disease agents in the bowels. Antibiotics can only be prescribed by a doctor, who will recommend a necessary drug for diarrhea depending on its form. It is important to know that the use of antibiotics is related to the risk of allergic reactions, therefore only a specialist can appoint the best means for diarrhea in your specific situation. A drug for diarrhea of this group may by itself cause a liquid stool – antibiotic-associated diarrhea and other illnesses. If you suffer from bacterial diarrhea, and have been prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, taking IMODIUM® in combination with your antibiotic treatment can help decrease the illness duration and help you recover faster.

Non-drug Treatment of Diarrhea

Treatment of dehydration. During diarrhea you can lose vital salts and nutrients from your body. Restoration of electrolyte balance (rehydration) is very important during diarrhea. Special solutions composed of substances essential for the body (potassium, sodium salts, glucose) prevent dehydration-related dysfunctions and replenish the supplies of electrolytes in the body. Rehydration drugs may be prescribed for treatment of diarrhea in the form of solutions for drinking or may be injectable.

Special diet. A balanced nutrition is one of the factors which may help us to stay in good health.