Diarrhea Treatment

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There are many reasons why people get diarrhea, from travelers’ diarrhea and stomach bugs to IBS. Each one is different but they can all disrupt your life.

Despite what many people (and even doctors) think, experts agree that there’s no advantage to letting diarrhea run its course. That’s because your body loses fluids and salts and doesn’t absorb the nutrients you need from the food you eat. Instead it’s best to treat early and get your body back to its normal rhythm.

Diarrhea causes the loss of important fluids and salts from our body, which can leave us feeling weak and tired. Treating it early lets your body start to recover more quickly and stops the further loss of fluids and salts, which, if ignored, could make you feel even more run down.

People are four times more likely to choose IMODIUM® over other diarrhea treatments. It’s suitable for adults, including those with IBS, and children over 12.